Special Events

Ice Cream Cakes!

8 inch: $50.00 (Round or Square)

10 inch: $65.00 (Round or Square)

Order by Friday to pick up the following Friday

Email: info@ellysicecream.com

Elly's Ice Cream

Where Ice Cream Meets Invention

We are a modern ice cream shop with nods to the classics serving the very best locally-sourced, natural ingredients. We create artfully delicious super premium ice cream treats with perfectly endless combinations.


Our ice cream is rich and velvety using ingredients from the Pacific Northwest, including USDA Organic-certified, milk, cream, eggs and berries.  It is made through sustainable practices, in small batches using more cream and less air resulting in simply the most superb ice cream. 

We are open Monday - Friday with hours varying based on staff availability. We are located at 921 NW Mt. Washington Drive in Bend, Oregon.

Get ready for a real sweet surprise

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